Lose Weight While You Sleep For Free! – Myth or Fact

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**NOTE- This is not an infomercial blog or a blog post endorsing a product or method. The mission of this blog is to help people fall asleep.**

This morning I read this article on Forbes-

Change Your Sleep Schedule To Lose Weight

We all know this is a common sales pitch by snake oil salesmen and people looking to drive traffic to their blog. (suckas!)

Let's take a look at the article to see if the claim holds water.

If you’re looking for a fairly painless way to lose weight (or at least not gain) researchers at Brigham Young University have a new solution for you: Put yourself on a regular sleep schedule.

People who maintain an unvarying sleep routine have a lower percentage of body fat than those who keep irregular sleep hours, says a new study, published in the American Journal of Health Promotion.


Ok here's our first red flag “UNWAVERING SLEEP ROUTINE” that sounds fine for computers and serial killers but what about the rest of us??

Red flag #2 below-

Led by Bruce Bailey, professor of exercise science at Brigham Young, researchers followed 300 female college students, ages 19 to 26, who were given activity trackers to monitor their movements and activities, including waking and sleeping times. The study participants were assessed for body composition before and after the one-week study period.

Female college students, ages 19 to 26 aka “beauitful people who don't live in the real world”

FYI the Forbes article does aknowledge this problem (and others)

Now, major caveats here: This was a small study, of very short duration, with study participants selected from a limited and fairly homogeneous pool (only young, only college educated, etc.) Also, of course, it was not blinded or controlled.

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OK I can hear you thinking “Great so you lured us here with the title “Lose weight in your sleep for free” and now you are telling us to lose hope.

Not yet dear reader. There are a few actionable items that are also doable that may help weight loss and WILL help you sleep better at night.

  • Try to wake up within one hour of the same time every day. So if Monday through Friday you get up at 7 am, on the weekend you can sleep till 8 am but no longer.
  • Sleep between 8 and 8 1/2 hours every night

Why? From the article-

The difference in body weight was greater with more variation in sleep pattern. Women whose sleep patterns varied by 90 minutes a night had higher body fat than those whose sleep varied by 60 minutes or less on average. Body fat also varied with sleep quantity; women who slept between 8 and 8.5 hours a night had the lowest body fat. The greatest effect at all was seen in women who woke up at the same time every morning seven days a week.

There's two steps you can take to (most likely) lower your body fat and improve your sleep patterns. FREE and (somewhat) EASY.

So Myth or Fact?

The fact is if you may lower your body fat but you will get better sleep.

Sleep Well!

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