Benefits of Subscribing

Subscribing makes listening to Sleep With Me convenient and easy. It is a free feature in almost all podcast apps. If you don’t have an app already installed try one of the ones at the bottom of the page.

If you go into your podcast app on your phone and take a look at a title, you'll see an option to “Subscribe.”

When you subscribe the app will automatically know when a new episode of Sleep With Me has been released. Some applications can download the episode as soon as it comes out, you can change this in the settings if you want to wait till you are on wifi. Some apps will even notify you when the episode comes out, if you have notifications turned on.

While you can listen to podcasts here on our website, or other places, podcasts are most user friendly when listened to on a podcast app. You can set a sleep timer, create a custom playlist, even control the speed.

So go ahead and subscribe in your favorite podcast app and start sleeping!

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