1 Easy Sleep Tip – That Will Save You Money and Help You Sleep


This is the second in our series of Easy Sleep Tips. Stuff that takes minimal effort but helps you sleep.

Here's the tip-


This is a part of every list of sleep tips out there.


Temperatures in this range, it seems, help facilitate the decrease in core body temperature that in turn initiates sleepiness. A growing number of studies are finding that temperature regulation plays a role in many cases of chronic insomniaResearchers have shown, for example, that insomniacs tend to have a warmer core body temperature than normal sleepers just before bed, which leads to heightened arousal and a struggle to fall asleep as the body tries to reset its internal thermostat. New York Times 08/04/2009


Decide if you are a cold or warm sleeper. What is your normal preference hot room or ice cold?

If you are a COLD sleeper set the temp to 60 degrees and try it for a few nights.

Did it make a difference? In not try raising the temp by two degrees for a few more nights and try that out. Keep testing to find your sweet spot.

If you are a WARM sleeper set the temp to 68 degrees and see how it goes. Then progressively lower it until you find something that works.


68 Degrees is way too cold you are crazy man. I'm going to freeze to death.

OK if you can't start at 68 then take the regular waking temperature of your room and lower it by three degrees. So if you keep your house at a piping hot 77 during the day lower it to 74. Keep lowering it every four days until you get to 68. No one will ever notice. I got this tip on today's Today Show!

Dude I'm not sure if I'm a hot or cold sleeper.

Start at 64 dumbass.

My wife is going to leave me if I try to lower the temperature in the room.

If you are in a relationship and you are having trouble sleeping at night it should be important (at least on paper) to your partner. Look for a point of compromise. Have the cold person wear more clothes and the warm person wear less, who knows it might be a new fetish for you two. Find something creative that works.


I'm still positive I'm going to freeze to death.

Blankets, blankets blankets. Treat yourself to the luxury of a warm bed in a cold room. Pretend its the middle ages and you are some type of royal. You will never go back, trust me.

With Christmas coming you could score something as a gift or keep an eye out for sales at places like Khols and Macys etc. I have the Ikea comforter listed below along with a nice blanket I got at TJ Maxx.



You can also snuggle with a person or a pet.

Lower your room temperature. It will lower your heating bills this winter and will help you sleep sounder.

Boy and Cat

Sleep well!
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