Sleep Texting? NFW


A news item came up this week that gave me some laughs but left me feeling a bit skeptical.

It talks about how teens' overuse of cell phones and keeping them so close to their beds is creating a disorder where they “sleep text”.

Olivia, 17, woke one morning from a dream she had about making plans with a friend.

But it wasn’t a dream. Her phone showed that during the night she had punched in her passcode, unlocked her phone and read a text message from her friend.

All while she was fast asleep.

“It was really weird,”

Really weird is getting taking aboard a alien spacecraft and probed  or having your dead grandmother sitting in the corner of your room starting at you while you sleep. I don't think checking a text and not remembering even qualifies as a bit odd.

Dr. Mike Howell, with Fairview Sleep Center at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, estimates that as many as half of his young patients who report sleep problems have sleep texted. While some of those texts did little more than embarrass their senders, others were nothing to joke about.

How many teen patients does Dr. Howell have? Something about this doesn't seem right.

It’s possible for the part of the brain that controls motor skills to wake up, while the part of the brain that governs memory and judgment may remain asleep. That’s why some people can perform rote movements — such as walking, talking, texting or even driving — while they’re sleeping.

I've heard of driving on Ambien but while asleep? Reaalllly.

“If you’re a mother, you awaken to the sound of your child crying. Even if it’s not a loud noise, it will trigger an awakening,” he said. “That’s essentially what’s happening with lots of kids with their phones.”

But Rosen sees sleep texting as a symptom of a larger problem: young peoples’ overreliance on cellphones.

“For them, the cellphone is a life link,” he said, “and this is central to how they view the world.”

Did not just compare motherhood instincts and teen texting? You're fucking with us right? This is starting to sound like a cell phone texting witch hunt where phones are the convenient answer to a problem no parent would want to face.

Some of Dowdell’s students have admitted that they’re disturbed by their nighttime texting behavior. But because sleep texting is unconscious, it’s a difficult habit to break.

And the teens are just hamming it up…”Oh mom I'm so freaked out, because I DID NOT send that nasty text, my UNCONSCIOUS did.”

Dowdell said she knows of one student who wore mittens at night — and others who wore socks on their hands — to keep themselves from texting.

MITTENS? You're buying that crap? To keep them from sleep texting right?


This is clearly a case of drunk/high texting smartly being covered up by MN area teens. Bravo for being so creative. It won't be long before athletes and celebrities hop on the “sleep texting” band wagon to cover their drunk texts.

Ah that was a good text!

Ah that was a good text!

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