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Here is the schedule for a normal week of releases to patrons.

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Sunday- $5+ An normal SWM episode a week early (when possible) ad free.

Monday- $1+ STS or Sleep to Strange. An older episode without the intro, just the story for those who make all night playlists or just want more stories.

Tuesday- $5+ Another STS or Story Only episode.

Weds- $5 Ad-free regular episode.

Thursday- $10+ Another STS  or Story Only episode OR depending on the week a Intro Only episode.

Saturday- Depends- some weeks will have $5+ Superdeluxe episodes. Which are old episodes with music and sound design by Chris Postill for a fun take on a episode. These are different that normal episodes.

Some Saturdays for $10+ will be drop day for all night episodes or intro only episodes, just depending on what content I have.

I think this is all correct but I reserve the right to be wrong and update it and apologize for my mistake.

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