Remix from And Now His Watch Has Ended | Game of Drones | A Game of Thrones Sleep Podcast from Sleep With Me #204

Learn about obscure merry men as you sleep. Is this the promise of a grape nuts hater? It is. But don't mutiny, let the eternal flame soothe you. I will be the sleep sack that hangs around your neck and brings you slumber instead of misery. Please don't stay awake for this one as there is urine at the end.

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Reboot Show Hosted by scientist-turned-management-consultant-turned-developer Adarsh Pandit

Albatros Around his neck

Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner Part II | @wikipedia

Deepwood Motte

Eternal Flame | Lyrics

Mutiny | 6 Famous Mutinies

Robin Hood of History | Bold Outlaw | Merry Men

Is urine sterile?

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Sleep With Me is a bedtime story designed to take your mind off of the racing thoughts that keep you awake at night.

As you listen you will find yourself distracted from your worries and drifting off into dreamland..due to the fact the story gets a little bit more boring with each passing minute.

This podcast is a little weird, a bit silly and a tad offensive so beware. It is very similar to ASMR or guided meditation bedtime story that slowly carries you off to slumber.

“Sleep With Me” is a groundbreaking podcast created to help you fall asleep. So get in bed, press play and drift off into dreamland. If you struggle with insomnia or just getting a good night's rest, you've found the podcast for you.

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Music by Christopher Postill @ Sounds Like An Earful Podcast “A Podcast about collecting stories, tinkering with noises and fumbling with really big questions”

Sleep With Me Artwork by His Grace Scott

“Game of Drones” Only Feed Cover Art by Ken Ackerman

Sleep With Me is narrated by Dearest Scooter and written by Drew Ackerman

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