Not An Episode- State of the Podcast 2016

This is not a podcast episode but just a review of some things I thinking about and some upcoming changes to the show in order to keep the show sustainable and to keep improving the quality of “the podcast that puts you to sleep”.

06:12 Content
Beaking bad
15:51 Schedule
16:38 Challenging Content
20:10 Project
22:08 Our Diversity
23:13 Wayne Mahar
24:29 Patreon and Sponsors
26:53 Desire for clarity
29:57 Patreon
36:10 Sponsors
36:38 You have a choice
37:03 Diversity makes us strong
37:18 why not premium
38:16 I want it free and without sponsors
39:58 talking trust, patience and change
41:15 goal for sponsors
42:40 selling spots
49:21 Sky is the limit


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