Thanks for trying the podcast out. I’m sorry it did not work for you or you did not like it. I really do believe you deserve a good night’s sleep.
If it did not work for you here are some free options to try out- 
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If you did not like the podcast, or me, don’t worry you are not alone, there are hundreds of thousands of people who dislike the podcast, and those are just the ones that listened!!! I’ve been doing this a while now…me and the show naturally just really get on some people’s nerves. So if the show or I, have really ticked you off and you REALLY want to let me have it…consider donating to one of these causes below. Donating your money is really empowering, and this way you are doing something with all the energy I have stirred up, you can feel good about…and then go ahead and tweet @dearestscooter and let me know. I promise to feel bad about it!! I’ll even send you a frowny face picture back if you want.
You could still send me a mean email or write a nasty review, (no need to really I have gotten plenty over the years)  but this way you have a chance to do something positive first and that might clear your mind and let you get that sleep you deserve.
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