And Now His Watch Has Ended | Game of Drones | A Game of Thrones Sleep Podcast from Sleep With Me #204

Learn about obscure merry men as you sleep. Is this the promise of a grape nuts hater? It is. But don't mutiny, let the eternal flame soothe you. I will be the sleep sack that hangs around your neck and brings you slumber instead of misery. Please don't stay awake for this one as there is urine and porn at the end.


Reboot Show Hosted by scientist-turned-management-consultant-turned-developer Adarsh Pandit

6:02 Thanks

14:46 Episode Discussion

32:35 Albatros Around his neck

34:18 Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner Part II | @wikipedia

42:39 Deepwood Motte

44:00 Eternal Flame | Lyrics

49:40 Mutiny | 6 Famous Mutinies

1:06:28 Robin Hood of History | Bold Outlaw | Merry Men

1:20:33 Is urine sterile?

1:30:50 Tommen and Poucen meet Kelpalina and the Mermen/Sea Monkeys

1:50:41 Prayers about walking turns into way too much personal disclosure

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