Walk of Punishment | Game of Drones a Game of Thrones Fall Asleep Podcast | Sleep With Me #201

How far can an arrow travel through your dreams if you are in a flash frozen state creating by a “Black Magic Woman”? Why don't we ask the Blackfish, the Bear and the Maiden Fair. I'm sure Tommen, Pounce and some Sea Monkeys can help clear this up. If not we can pray to the old gods and the new.

8:11 Thanks

11:43 Episode Breakdown

29:39 What We Are Gonna Talk About

30:19 How Far Can An Arrow Fly? | @archerytalk | UK Robin Hood Schoolboy

38:45 Flash Freezing

51:18 Bear and the Maiden Fair

54:50 Ghiscari Empire | Harpies

59:44 Meereenese Knot

1:02:59 Blackfish

1:05:29 Black Magic Woman | Lyrics

1:12:08 Battle at the Stone Mill

1:14:10 Tommen and Pounce

1:27:54 Prayers to Old Gods and the New

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