Fall Alseep to Season 2 Extras Part 1 | Game of Drones | Game of Thrones Sleep Podcast | Sleep With Me #189

Tonight we take a moment to reflect and review some of fine people who help to make Game of Thrones such a magnicient show. Followed by Tommen, Pounce and Prayers

3:15 Thanks

7:41 Game of Groans extras…well techincally parallels.

11:54 Breakdowns

27:31 DB Weiss and David Benioff

36:55 Gerorge RR Martin | His “Not a” Blog

59:44 Tommy Dunne | Weapons Master

01:03:40 Simon Brindle | Coustumes

1:09:25 Alan Taylor | Television Director

01:14:07 Film Directors to TV

01:24:25 Pounce, Tommen and Justice

01:41:20 Prayers to the Old Gods and the New


  • 13:25 CV (Curriculum Vitae – Defined as: The Course of my Life)
  • 21:49 Crampons (Which are apparently metal spikes affixed to a boot for ice or rock climbing – which is way different from what I was thinking . . .)
  • 1:04:21 One Word Tom Hardy Movies (Locke, Lawless, ‘The' Drop, Warrior, Inception, Bronson, Rocknrolla, Deserter, ‘The' Reckoning, Legend, ‘The' Revenant, Colditz, Minotaur, WAZ, Flood, EMR, etc.) Got to give Scooter Credit for specificity.

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