Cracking Nuts with The Nutcracker (Ode to Daphne) | ‘Rending “Ruseday Redditation | Sleep With Me #175

A trip on the transverse plane (starts 4:12ish) with a lost soul named…well I called him Michael, I never got his name…A trip with the Nutcracker where we try to find out what love is or could be and what the purpose of the life of a nutcracker is…possibly. Between then I try and explain double standards and some other stuff and none of it really comes together unless you are in some dream state anyway so just listen for a bit and then drift away.

Frog Clicker Looper

The Nutcracker

Scoobypedia for all those questions

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Note #2 When recording the show I only had the screenshots so I don't even know what the real story is behind the links.

04:12 Start of Redditation

10:20 ELI5: Dogs eat “dog food” everyday and it has everything their bodies need, why isn't there a human equivalent to “dog food”? (Comments)

12:47 Seth Rogen Thanked Amy Pascal for “Having the Balls” to Make The Interview. (Comments)

16:03 Pirate Bay Shutdown Has Had Virtually No Effect on Digital Piracy Levels (Comments)

19:13 PID Control is the coolest thing ever (Comments)

22:17 /u/storysnippet asks /r/ireland which Irish person is the “biggest ride” (most attractive) (Comments)

22:56 One of my lecturers has just published a paper on why bees and wasps are dying out in the UK. (Comments)

26:10 Fire on Ice!! Photographed by Pai Shaka in Iceland. [1800 x 1054] [OS] (Comments)

29:53 Spongebob Squarepants creator Stephen Hillenburg is returning to the show in January (Comments)

30:56 [Serious]What are some crazy things scientists used to believe? (Comments)

31:41 I hate double standards (Comments)

35:26 Tire Done Gone Bad (Comments)

38:11 Skyrim (Comments)

42:55 Wisconsin passed a law requiring outside investigation when police are involved in an incident that results in death (Comments)

44:47 Well Played Michael… (Comments)

50:14 This McDonald's by my house is only used for commercials (Comments)

54:10My neighbor has a new puppy that I like to play with through their gate. Today he had on a lil sweater. (Comments)

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