Walking Dead Fans Who Can’t Sleep – Get Over Here

Carl's sound asleep

Carl's sound asleep

Are you a hard core “Walking Dead” fan AND you have trouble falling asleep at night?

Tossing and turning? Mind racing with stuff unrelated to “The Walking Dead”, like bills or work or the argument you just had with your girlfriend?

The Sleep With Me Podcast is here for you.

We have a unique take on each week's episode of “The Walking Dead”.

The Walking Dud.

We don't talk about all the cool stuff that happened like Zombie kills and the return of the Governor.

We only cover the boring stuff. The stuff that will have you drifting off to sleep in no time.

Have you ever wondered if Hershel is Santa? If Carol is a Mark Twain Cosplayer? Where Bob likes to get drunk?

Probably not.

We also cover stuff that is even duller, like lists of Bibles, prison fence standards and antibiotics for dogs.

You can get us on iTunes here, along with all of our non “Walking Dud” episodes or

Click here for access to just “The Walking Dud” blog posts where you can stream or download each episode.

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Don't sleep too soundly.

Don't sleep too soundly.


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