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An old sailor's portent goes “Boring podcast at night, Sleeper's delight” and when you mix that with castle gates and some nightshade you have something that will let the god Tez carry you off to the land of rest, where you can dream of brussel sprouts and justice.
Peacock Tail

Sailor Superstitions |  @snipetoday | @wikipedia


Tezcatlipoca | | @wikipedia

Mudgate | |

Castle Gates


Notes from Damon D on the back up

  • 5:45 High Dexterity (Buffs – Based on these references Scooter played lots of D&D)
  • 18:25 Don't take anything Scooter says as actual medical advice. Also, don't take or grow Nightshade, unless you're a moron.
  • 37:44 Tides vs Winds (Depending on the draft and sail area of the ship, 1 knot of current could equal as much as 15 knots of wind)
  • 38:23 Snipe Sailors (is a term for Navy Engineers, after John Snipes, an engineering officer who stood up for equal treatment of engineers on ships -not Snipers)
  • 52:37 Colors (interestingly enough, U.S. Coast Guard and Navy Uniforms are dark blue)
  • 58:54 Iocaine Powder  (also never start a land war in Asia, or barter with a Sicilian with your life is on the line)
  • 1:27:03 Brussel Sprout Town (luckily has endless green energy)

1:29:04 Steve Miller (If he changed his name, what would happen to the Steve Miller Band?)

photo credit: PhotoInko via photopin cc


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