Leaving Westeros, Swearing an Oath and Whiplash | Game of Thrones Napcast 32


To be clear- Ser Pounce is real.

Me and Tommen try to touch base and then he makes me swear an oath. If there was a boy name Tommen who was pestered for crying and wheezing, does not mean he is not a good friend.

When the eelphones bring you this tale of friendship it will be adventures across universes called by imagination to worship on the altar of friendship.

To repeat Ser Pounce is real. He's in Tommen's lap.

Then I pray about Whiplash and wonder if drums bother the Crone in her cloud castle. I catch the gods up on double rainbows https://youtu.be/OQSNhk5ICTI

Me on Whiplash “I was catharted 100%…multiple times…almost catharted out. Whiplash gods, great movie.”

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