Bad Boy on Trial/ We Have Another Day for Justice | As Our Serial Tribute Nears A Close | Napcast 30

A taste of how the real world works, but in a format so dull you won't even mind, in fact fall into deep sleep while you feel the protection of your king. What if Joff is right? Was he tricking Tommen, so tired of being played the fool.


“Joff has a look on his face like I had just sat on a frog and it had exploded on his dinner” -Tommen

If you stick around you'll hear me break bad news to the gods old and new. Talk to them about elf on elf male intimacy issues and riding moose.

One takeaway is don't bring dancing Groots to movie theaters.

What can I do when I agree with George RR Martin's objections with fan fiction? Are my fantasies' fiction? Other than the Karl Tanner musical can anything I do be considered even up to the level of fan fantasy foibles?

Will or can I pull my belief system out of Westeros? These are questions. Answers are few so sleep.



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