Me, Slonic and the Dino that Dreams in Silence | A Redditation on Trending Tuesday

After I spend about twenty minutes with tangents I finally get around to a story about taking my hedgehog to the vet. Then all hell breaks loose in the most boring way possible…lots of ferns and buffalo. Not making sense? Wait till Gerard shows up.

This Trending Tuesday Redditation  is based on what was on part of the front page of a reddit app on Sunday 11/23/14 7:22pm PST.

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2:37 Thank Yous

7:45 I talk about moon stuff and music stuff tangets

16:15 Redditation begins

17:30 Been doing it since I was 8. I'm 19 | comments

19:00 Safe to say that my hedgehog doesnt enjoy trips to the vet anymore | comments

21:20 There's no way this was an accident | comments

27:16  At least Buffalo still has its sense of humor | comments

27:59 Odell Beckham jr, rookie….. | comments

32:13 TIL that gamers, playing an online protein….. | comments

33:00 Goat Simulator MMO is Fantastic | comments

34:40 Perfect wall ride stunt in GTAV | comments

38:01 TIL Kubrick considered casting Robin Williams….. | comments

39:04 Tourist fined $30,000 for Colosseum | comments

41:40 Comcast Trolls America Part 4…. | comments

42:50 My buddy too this stunning photograph of El Cap | comments

44:36 Hey redditors in Portugal….. | comments

45:02 T.Y. Hilton is a beautiful man | comments

46:24   have a very rare disease that causes my skin to be extremely fragile. AMA! | comments

47:12 Baltimore residents demand tougher laws on police officers:….. | comments



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