Kill This Sleep Demon “The Itch”

Robbing Your Sleep

Robbing Your Sleep

Sleep Demons. They're the ones keeping us from sleep. Let's find a way to destroy them.

Demon 1 “The Itch”

The lights are out and you are in bed. Close to sleep, calm and relaxed, UNTIL….

“Damn my ankle itches. Shit my neck to. SCRATCH SCRATCH. Whew ok ready to sleep now. Wait my ankle's itching again. And my knee. My neck too. NO NOT AGAIN. My arm itchesandcalfandelbowandhandand OH GOD. Stop breathe its all in your mind. BUT I'M STILL ITCHY! Its in my mind. I have clean sheets and a clean home and at no point today did I itch. BUT I ITCH NOW. Like a motherfucka. Great I won't be sleeping tonight. What if its bedbugs? Or some tiny undiscovered itch bug and they are all over my body right now. Everywhere. Or it could be your imagination. This is not helping. Dry skin? SLURP SLURP covered in lotion. Man I feel clammy now. And itchy! Damn.”

and on and on it goes.

Sound familiar?

I looked on the internet for answers. “Why do I itch at night?” There are none. Just know it all “sleepers” with their judgement about hygiene and health. Sure they could be right but they don't have sleep Demons.

I have faced The Itch and I have lost. I want to beat it without benedryl or a prescription or alcohol.

Matthew Inman at The Oatmeal outruns his Blerch. I feel like there is a metaphor there for us.

Its going to be a marathon a long and consistent run to beat the Demons that keep us from sleep.

We are going to need one another's help.

If you have outrun The Itch let me know.

Tonight I'll be watching for you itch. Have your way with me and I will see what I can learn when I don't fall victim to your madness.

Ah It Was In My Mind

Ah It Was In My Mind

photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc

photo credit: Menno van der Horst via photopin cc


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