I Can’t Sleep. What Can I Do That’s Easy? Part 1

The mission of this podcast and blog is to help out people who are having trouble falling asleep. Now I'm not a sleep doctor or a therapist or even that smart a dude BUT I've been there. I have had bouts of intense insomnia and I have periods where it is just hard as hell to get to sleep for one reason or another. I know the nightmarish rabbit hole you face as the hours tick by and sleep does not come.

That said there is a sea of sleep pro tips floating out there, that can seem overwhelming and sometimes contradictory. And let's face it if you aren't getting a good nights sleep you really don't have the energy to put a ton of effort into it.

So I'm going to wade through and find useful, easy and actionable things you can do right away. I will be as specific as possible so you don't have to think. Just take the step, be consistent and patient and your sleep will benefit.

If you let me know you are following through in the comments or on twitter, @dearestscooter I will praise you and hopefully we can slowly build a community that support one another on the path to restful sleep. We can even look into ways of making a game out of it.

On to the tips-

This sucks

This sucks


Sure you can wait till your coffee or tea is ready and put some clothes on, if you like. But then get out of the house and go.

Period No Excuses.


  1. Early morning light resets your body's internal clock.
  2. Exercise improves sleep. (Tell your internal critic that yes walking is exercise)

“But its cold outside!”

Yes it is. So bring a hot drink and walk fast. It will invigorate you. Smell the winter air. Breath on windows. Throw or kick snow. Enjoy the solitude. Imagine you are a spy trying to cross from East Germany to West Germany or that you are on Hoth or a supermodel on the runway.

“I get up when the sun isn't out”

OK. Then go for your walk at 10am or some other morning break. Or at lunch. If you are just using cloudy weather as an excuse, don't…get walking.

“Walking is BORING!”

Listen to music or a podcast. Call your Mom. Talk to yourself. Meditate. Listen for birds. Be noisy and spy on your neighbors. Smile and say hello to as many people as you can.

“I can't walk for medical reasons”

I'll need to see a doctors note. Just sit outside or stand. Look around and observe and listen.

“I Hate Everything. Walking, being outside and you Scooter.”

Guess what? So do I. Don't think just fucking do it.

I promise this will help and that it is easy. Do it every day and it will get easier and easier. I'm gonna do it, you're gonna do it, we are all going to work together on this.

I believe in you and I want to help you sleep at night. Tough love.

Wake up, get up and go for a walk.

First time walking- He hates it too.

First time walking- He hates it too.

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photo credit: geezaweezer via photopin cc


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