Futility of Man Situation | Lady Witchbeard #14

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Futility of Man Situation

Dig that dove, lovey. Like coo, coo, coo you off to sleep. Cuz man when Antonio sees how futile it is not to bring his own cup, you'll be sawing logs. If not you can stick around for a mega dull botched guest appearance by a man with the same name as a hairstyle. Sleep well, you deserve it.

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2 comments for “Futility of Man Situation | Lady Witchbeard #14

  1. Ellie Rathbun
    May 20, 2016 at 3:21 am

    Hi Scooter I am Ellie. I am 12 years old. Middle school is hard with multiple things and getting the right sleep is very important! I would just like to thank you on how you have helped me get to sleep on hard nights. Also I love the mystery bard! Thank you and keep up what you’re doing, people love it! -Ellie Rathbun

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