Do Not Remove Tag On Mattress – Means Do Not Remove

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I gotta say this story bothers me a bit – Woman Gets Backlash For Cutting Mattress Tag

Summary of the story is that a woman buys a new mattress, cuts off the do not remove tag then decides to have it replace due to sagging. But the mattress store denies her warranty claim due to the fact the tag says removing it voids the warranty.

She manages to nab the channel 5 on your side guy on a slow news week and with the threat of bad publicity the store caves and replaces the mattress with a newer and more expensive model.

What can we learn from this news item?

1. Don't get fixated on one thing that will either bring you blissful sleep or is blocking you from getting a good nights rest. In the context of this news report the woman seems to think that the sagging mattress is the source of all her misery and getting a new one will solve everything.

It won't. Solving your sleep problems is rarely as simple as getting a new bed. Yes a new quality mattress can be a part of the solution, but its rarely the magic bullet.

The woman from the video seems to have unresolved back issues from her days as a roller skate bruiser. Other than stretching at the kitchen sink what else is she doing to help her back pain?

2. Mattresses sag. Get over it. There is no mattress out there short of something rock hard that will not start to sag over time. If this is something that is going to bother and obsess you then you need to come up with a creative solution.

  • Buy less expensive mattresses more often
  • Get a mattress that you can flip over monthly
  • Try one of those air beds
  • Do something wacky like sleep on the far sides of your bed (This is what I do sometimes- wedged against the wall)

3. Don't remove tags without reading them first. Why do you feel the need to remove it anyway? Just tuck it under the damn sheet.

4. Never forget that sleep problems are as much mental as physical so don't be afraid to look at things with an open mind and see if there are any issues you need to deal with that are getting in the way of a good nights sleep.

5. Speaking of mental issues. I'm getting obsessed with misleading news article titles and this one “Woman Gets Backlash…” is total BS. The store was simply following the rules set forth on the tag. That is not backlash that is policy. Sure in a perfect world the store manager with have some compassion and help the woman out, but we do live in an era where profit is placed before people so you as a consumer need to watch out for landmines that void warranties.


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