Odd Ball Trap | Nuns in Space #10 | Sleep With Me #452

Relax as kittens play with craft paper and Scoots ponders the “Cat in galoshes”. (16:04 setup 19:47 story) Your dreams will be plucked but still avoid the somatic string puller. Then the Nuns will get faux drunk while Scooter lays in wait for an asteroid thief.

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00:05:25 All Music Ends
00:16:04 Setup
00:19:47 Story starts
01:01:01 Thanks and Goodnight

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Show Edited and theme music by Christopher Postill @ Sounds Like An Earful Podcast Studio

Sleep With Me podcast art created by Always Trending Up Scott & Jennifer

The “Mystery Bard” is played by Jonathan Mann who also writes the lullabies.

Sleep With Me is written by Drew Ackerman and “performed” by Dearest Scooter



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