Paris and Beirut this LaBeouf Story is for You | Sleep With Me #314

This was recorded as part of a live stream this weekend to show solidarity with the people impacted by the incidents in Paris and Beirut. If you are affected by discussions around the attacks you might want to avoid this episode.

The “Sleep With Me Podcast” community came together Sunday to take part in a seven-hour bedtime story to show support and offer stories to carry our sisters and brothers through the deep dark night. This episode is an excerpt from that live stream event.

Right now I'm working with to try and recover the rest of the live event so we can share more with you.

Please donate if you can to support the victims of the attacks. Donate to the international Red Cross or there is a variety of funds to help individual victims and their families.

How to help via Popsugar

Fund for Nick Alexander and other victims

If you are upset or in crisis about what has unfolded or the news surrounding it or for any other reason please reach out for support. Call or text a crisis hotline RIGHT NOW.


2 comments for “Paris and Beirut this LaBeouf Story is for You | Sleep With Me #314

  1. Michelle
    February 11, 2016 at 8:28 pm

    This podcast episode brings to mind Season 2 of Project Greenlight (HBO), which combines movies, excellent television, famous actors, rank amateurs, and Shia LaBeouf. Highly recommended!

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