Fountainheads and Feelings | After The Glass Slipper S2E | Sleep With Me #215

Compound words should confound the restless part of you mind. (6:49 Agatha takes the mic) While the music of “these wonderful night noises” is in the background, Agatha will take her first steps to insure they are all rescued by Cinderella. Sleep easy knowing not much will happen, there will be walking and talking and some of the backstory or exposition will be so boring even Agatha skips over it.

Quotes from Agatha

“My name is not Agatha the story wyrm”

“I will not tell you any different from the truth unless I need to deceive you for my own purposes”
IMG_20150325_210303878There is also a strange quick tale told by Agatha at the end, a story of a raddish and a dust mote, so she is a story worm.

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