The Bear and The Madien Fair | The Best (only) Game of Thrones Sleep Podcast | Game of Drones | Sleep With Me #213

Tonight sleep like a tired maiden on the belly of a giant teddy bear (episode at 4:53). There is no need to delve deep into what I am saying as I touch on topics like Jabba and Grizzlies. Sail away on a ship of sleep knowing that my discussions of costs will only confuse. If you can't fall asleep don't fret, Tommen has his first date and I try to explain Korean Godzilla movie.


4:53 Episode
31:49 “Do Not Go Gently Into That Dark Night” by Dylan Thomas
34:04 Talissa and Yunkai
36:14 Jabba the Hutt
45:34 Ships @reddit | @Wikipedia | @pirateking | container ships
53:42 Grizzly Bears
01:05:12 Tommen
01:28:53 Prayers

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