A Plane Ride With An Unassuming Confused Man | Trending Twitter Tuesdays | Sleep With Me #190

Fear of flying? How about a dreamflight? (Starts at 14:00) Who cares if your destination of a bowl of tomato soup. By comforting you will be comforted and by listening your mind will be boggled. But none of this should matter as you fly away on the wings of pointlessness as a passenger on Dutch Masters Airways.






Links from Damon D on the back up! Donate to his fundraiser at www.sleepwithmepodcast.com/dd 

  • 19:15 Landing in a Bowl of Soup (is basically a more delicious water landing)
  • 25:03 Airport Dispensary
  • 40:07 Not Water Colors (Pastels??)
  • 40:28 Rubenesque Nudes who are clothed (don't worry, the link is about Peter Paul Rubens, the artist. Other links would have gotten me in trouble)
  • 45:43 Avengers: The Age of Uvula
  • 45:48 Star Wars: The Leg Awakens
  • 46:56 Cavity (Gravity)
  • 48:49 Groin Fiction

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