The Prince of Winterfell | Game of Drones a dull dose of GoT to sleep to | Sleep With Me #180

Two types of Princes will soothe your thoughts as your drift off to sleep. No nasty thoughts will poke you like a compass or a sharp piece of obsidian. No shouting about these infernal affairs will be a neccesary to keep the lamprey at bay. Ser Pounce, Tommen and the Gods will stand watch as your night will be long and full of rest.

04:43 Thanks

10:08 Episode Breakdown

29:09 Compass Ass

39:17 “The Little Prince” and “The Prince”

50:22 Lamprey as food fish

56:44 Infernal Affairs

01:01:46 Obsidian

01:08:02 Tommen and Pounce

01:20:55 Prayers of Aristotle Stevens aka “The Cat”


Casey Briggs

Links from Damon D on the backup

  • 3:29 Neutrinos (You don't want them in your drink, unless you want to become a superhero)
  • 13:40 Boredom  in Game of Thrones
  • 29:33 Uses of the Compass (Very useful for Nautical Navigation – and 90% of commerce travels by sea Scooter)

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