Heat Miser with a Bowl Cut | ‘Rending ‘Ruseday Redditation | Sleep With Me #172

Take another trip the the transverse. After too much heat and stinky feet a miser we will meet. Then a dirt devil and peppermint bark and some scatting. All will be missed as you drift off into deep slumber this winter night.

Reddit intro at about 12:40 Story starts around 14:40ish

Heat Miser Minions

 Reddit links with timecodes below

Note #1 Click at your own risk…I have not had a chance to check these links, they should be fine but they could also take you anywhere.

Note #2 When recording the show I only had the screenshots so I don't even know what the real story is behind the links.

24:45 Today we lost Ralph Baer the inventor and father of video games 🙁  (comments)

27:00 The comments in every NSFW subreddit (comments)

30:00 When a dust devil, a wildfire, and magic forms together.  (comments)

30:27 Poor choice in carpet for steps. (comments)

32:30 [OC] This was the view 100 steps from my front door during the week I spent in Hamnøy, Norway. On the last night, Mother Nature put on an amazing show. [2048×1341] (comments)

33:20 Good Guy Mailman…on a Sunday, no less! (comments)

34:45 My cat's face before bath (comments)

39:35  Leopard kills a porcupine. Interesting approach. (comments)

Drug Candidate Destroys Malaria in only 48 Hours (comments)

[#6|+2209|666] HUNGER GAMES Leads One of the Worst Weekends of the Year, falling 62% for a $21M third weekend. Projected domestic gross is now $330M – meaning GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY ($332M) could end up the surprise top film of the year. [/r/movies] (comments)

TIL 3 men from Yemen tried to sue NASA for invading Mars, claiming they had inherited it from their ancestors 3,000 years ago.  (comments)

50:40 Old laptop batteries could power slums: An IBM study analysed a sample of discarded batteries and found 70% had enough power to keep an LED light on more than four hours a day for a year (comments)

52:05 Meaning of life explained (comments)

53:04 Alice in Chains – MTV Unplugged (full) [Alternative/Grunge] (comments)

55:20 Hi, I'm cycling around the world. So far 19000 miles and 4 years on the road. Ask me anything! (comments)

59:35 Google Just Admitted More Than Half Of The Ads It Serves Are Never Seen (comments)

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